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Characteristcs of Barn

A simple but spacious, elegant, vacation retreat.

Along the south side of the entire length of the building (72 feet), French doors and large windows flood the rooms with light throughout the day. The intimate valley, over 13 rolling acres, looks across to an abandoned farm, where sheep still graze daily. Silence, sunlight, and incredible starry nights are pretty much your only neighbors.

Not a typical renovation (which often chops up the rhythm of a space to maximize the number of bedrooms), this property was designed with great care and planning to preserve it's architectural authenticity, integrity and flow. The high ceiling (25+ ft) timber framed spaces naturally dictate how the room arrangements flow. There are exposed beams in every room of the house. With careful re-use, many of the original materials were incorporated in this recent modern renovation by a designer and architect.





Restored 19thC. stone barn, walking distance to the Dordogne River
The Barn in the Dordogne
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