The Dordogne region is highly accessible through a variety of routes. A car is a necessary in this area, although if you are of the mind, you can abandon it and see much of the countryside by bicycle. The terrain for biking is generally flat to mildly hilly. If you are in fairly good shape, this can be an experience you will never forget.

The region can be reached easily by plane, train and car and best with a combination of all three.

You can fly to Paris, Bordeaux, or Toulouse or some of the smaller regional airports like Limoges, Rodez or Bergerac, depending on your route. The train from Paris Austerlitz is a lovely and scenic experience and the quiet comfortable ride down just seems to fly by. There is also a TGV to Bordeaux, then picking up a rental car and driving east basically along the Dordogne for about 2.5 hours. If you are flying from the UK, then check with Virgin, Flybee and RyanAir.

I will be most happy to assist you in planning your route, depending on your overall itinerary and vacation goals.

Restored 19thC. stone barn, walking distance to the Dordogne River

The Barn in the Dordogne
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